Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Yes Sensei! No Sensei! 3 bags full Sensei!

In my time in Karate training and teaching I have come across many different types of teacher and many varying attitudes to teaching and differing opinions to "being a Sensei". A personal pet hate of mine is the "more Japanese than the Japanese" instructor. The kind of guy that demands that he is called sensei in every circumstance (In the dojo, In the street, In the pub even). This "sensei" will usually refer to his students as "Mr Such-and-such" no matter their age (why call a 6 year old Mr....?).This really gets on my nerves. I can only see this an an ego-trip for the "sensei" and can not see how this is beneficial for anyone but the "sensei" with the inflated ego!
In my honest and humble opinion I believe that a karate instructor is just that - a person that teaches karate! I am no better than any one of my students (except that I am more experienced at karate). I have taught people from all walks of life from police officers to window cleaners and heart surgeons to brick layers. I for one see no reason for some of these people in my class (who lets be honest, are actually far more valuable to society than me) to put me on a pedestal and treat me like a god!
Enjoy your karate, Its a hobby after all. The excessive bowing and "Yes Sensei, No Sensei, My round Sensei" is not tradition. No matter what "Sensei with an over inflated ego" tells you!

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