Thursday, 23 December 2010

Time for a rest!

Christmas is here and most of our students are taking a well deserved break from karate, school and work.
Most of our dojos go into complete shut-down at this time of year and its really only for the reason that the students and instructors deserve a break!
Karate does not have seasons like most sports and we all need a break from the physical and mental efforts that we put ourselves through each week.
All classes will reopen as normal in the new-year and hopefully everyone will be a little better for the rest.
We have a few things in the pipeline for 2011 such as our new interclub tournament league that we a trying. The first fixture is penciled in for Jan 30th, more details will be revealed soon.
We also plan another kata course for February which will be taught by Phil Culley and most likely be in Milton Keynes.
We should also have a few new dojos opening in various areas as we continue to expand and as of Saturday January 8th we have a new brown and black belt session taking place at Loughton dojo evey week at 2pm.
There will also be some Shinri branded casual clothing available very soon (I have samples next to me right now!) as well as a brand new website.
The most importnat thing however is the karate! 2011 means we can now move forward with the new (and improved) kumite sets in our grading sylabus which we hope will make it a lot easier for the students to learn, remember, relate to and improve on.
A busy and hopefully succesfull year is to come at Shinri Karate Schools and we hope you can be a part of it.

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