Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Its been a long time since my last blog post. To be honest the reason I have not "blogged" is because I didn't think I had anything too interesting to mention. A lot of things have been happening for Shinri Karate Schools of late. Our leisure wear range is doing well and people can order online and expect delivery within 2 weeks on all items. Our extra advanced classes on Friday nights have been very successful and will now take a break for August. And as always the students in the dojos continue to progress up the grades and we look forward to Brown and Black belt gradings in September and our summercamp in mid August.
And so onto the topic of this blog post "Quitting!". A good comparison can be made between my lack of blog writing and the way in which many students stop training in karate. A short break can too easily turn into years and years away from training. After holidays or injury related breaks it is very difficult to get yourself back to the dojo. Recently I have been in contact with a handful of former students that have expressed interest in returning to karate. Some have come back to the dojo and some I know never will. Those that do not return always seem to have the same excuses (work, family, fitness etc etc) and if I'm honest I start to lose patience with them at times. It was then I realised that I have been guilty of exactly the same process with my blog page. I kept putting it off until tomorrow and soon enough tomorrow became 6 months. Funakoshi said Karate is like boiling water - it needs constant fire to keep the water hot. Meaning your karate needs regular training and practice if you wish to stay proficient and even more training and practice if you hope to improve.
If you have been away from the dojo for some time, just make the effort to turn up and train. Not next week but tonight! We look forward to seeing you.

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