Monday, 5 January 2015


Ive never really understood new years resolutions. Most people make these resolutions that are possibly unachievable and fail within the first few weeks making them completely pointless!
Having said that I have made a few this year and I intend on doing my best to keep to them.
That's why I am writing this blog. I feel if it is written down then I will feel more of an idiot for not keeping up with my new lifestyle choices.
So my first resolution is.....To blog more! Done! In all seriousness I do hope to keep this blog updated in a few ways.
Firstly I intend to get more stuff down on various media ( youtube, written blogs, facebook and maybe even printed word ) mostly Karate tuition kind of stuff from advanced technical theories to simple beginners advice.
Secondly I am hoping to change my own personal training a fair bit this year. In my many years as a martial artist I have been through many processes with my own training from syllabus learning, to technical performance, to expanding my knowledge base and finding practicality in traditional karate. This year I hope to improve my conditioning and possibly discover a few new things on the way. Ive been training a lot more pad drills and grappling technique than ever before lately and I hope to push that on to the next level.
To go along with my changes in training I am planning to write a little about my own fitness, diet and condition. Last year was a very busy one for me in a few ways and some of my training was disrupted. This has led me to be in the situation I am now in where I am the heaviest ( ie. fattest ) I have been for 2 and a half years! Not a good place to be! So from January 1st I started a new clean living and training regime that I will blog about as much as possible.
This post was really all about setting my goals out so I will make others to include details of my diet, training etc.

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