Monday, 5 January 2015

January 2015 Diet Blog

In an effort to keep my motivation and to make me keep track of my mishaps I am going to keep this post as a regular update of my diet and any changes that occur.
Firstly my reasons for doing this. Well in the last 6 months or so I have had a few lifestyle changes. In late spring I went on a wonderful holiday for the best part of a month where I ate and drank a lot! It was brilliant! I also took my bike ( as I usually do on holiday ) and so did a fair bit of exercise to cancel as much of the food and drink as possible. I then moved house. This then led to a few weeks/months of decorating and reduced time for training. Then my regular training partner got injured meaning we never started our weekly sessions up again after the summer. Then I got injured meaning less time on the bike and less hard training in the dojo. Then I started doing much more physical therapy and massage work which again led to less training time! And then...Christmas!
All this has led me to pile on a few kilos. In March 2012 I was 91kgs. I then changed a few things and dropped to about 82kgs which I found hard to sustain but I settled at about 84kgs. My weight then fluctuated a little around 84-87kgs but never any higher. Well on January 1st 2015 I was 94kgs! I'm not happy with this at all and its simply due to more alcohol and junk food than normal so for the next few weeks/months it all has to stop.
I also have another reason to motivate me which is that my wife is expecting our first baby in June. I'm well aware that once the baby is here my training time will be cut substantially so I am trying to create a positive lifestyle change in preparation for all that is about to come!

So on to the diet. I am keeping this simple. No processed foods. Simple as that. I want to eat and drink as natural as possible and as I write this on January 5th I would say Ive not done too badly.

Jan 1st was lunch at mother in laws. This consisted of cuts of pork and chicken, salad and boiled potatoes. Nothing too bad there. There was beer on offer and also coca cola but I stuck to a glass of squash. For dessert there was an awesome trifle made by my wife or xmas pudding. I didn't have any xmas pud on xmas day so I treated myself to a little piece with some brandy butter. Not really part of my diet but it could have been worse.
Jan 2nd and 3rd passed without hiccup. We had friends over that brought chocolates which I managed to pass on. They also help finish of the last of the coca cola in the fridge from xmas whilst I had a glass of water. I did however treat myself to a piece of that trifle that I mentioned earlier! Again not part of the diet but I had been doing a fair few hours of cycling and done some decent core training so I tried to justify it.
January 4th I did a good solid work out on my stationary bike ( too icy to ride the roads ) and some core exercises. Lunch was homemade risotto and supper was some sweet potato and salad ( with some light mayo ). I did succumb to some of the xmas leftovers and had some mince pies and custard too.
So far on Jan 5th I have had an espresso ( which I have every morning ) and a pancake made with oat flour and porridge oats with some honey and I am about to do a bike ride of 2-3 hours.
I have already shed a kilo or so and feel a fair bit better but I know I have to cut out the pastry and desserts etc but I figure small steps will still lead to progress.
Jan 6th* A little update so far. 6/10 so far. Not bad but could be better. Dinner yesterday was chicken breast, brown rice, sweet potato, avocado, green salad and coleslaw. Nothing dreadful there. Ive found my self snacking on the left over crackers ( as in biscuits ) with either peanut butter or nutella on them. Very yummy but I certainly need to cut out the nutella and the crackers cant be that great either! I also cracked last night and ate some chocolate! There were 6 small chocolates (like quality street) left in a box so I polishedvthem off. I now feel guilty and its made me more determined to clean up.
Todays breakfast was a banana as I ran out the door to the gym for massages. A black coffee from the machine at the gym and an after training snack of crackers and an apple.
I aim to not eat any carbs after 5 pm and eat nothing at all after 8pm unless I am training early in the following morning. Last night I broke this by eating some grapes after getting home from training.

Time for another update. It's now January 11th and whilst my diet hasn't been as clean as I had hoped I have now had 10 days alcohol, bread and diary free. I also feel considerably better than a week ago and have lost a few kilos (down to 91.3 this morning). 
My main realist soon has been that to lose weight you have to be prepared to go hungry and probably give up some of the foods you ate that made you fat in the first place!

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